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Trident Response Group is a Certified Learning Center by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement [TCOLE]

For Texas law enforcement officers and specializes in continued adult education for those in the law enforcement vocation.

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TCOLE Training with TRG

TRG can provide unique training that caters to specific law enforcement agency needs and scheduling.  With background, understanding and decades of government experience, TRG can work with officers and their departments to meet budget constraints.

One unique service that TRG can provide is to bring the training to individual departments or to a county central location, whereby multiple departments can come together for a training session.   Most departments want and need more training for their officers, however travel and per diem can quickly consume a rural county or city budget.  By sending the trainer to the departments, multiple agencies can participate with far more officers while meeting and networking with their regional colleagues.

  • Methods & Styles
  • Principles
  • Traits
  • Attributes
  • The Lessons Of Objectivity Adaptive Leadership
Police & The Code of Ethics
Police Ethics & Community Trust
Active Shooter Training (school, business, or group)
Building An Emergency Action Plan (school, business, or group)
Conducting A Threat Assessment (home, school, or business)
Surveillance Operations
Preparing For A High Threat Meeting 
School Marshal Certification
Espionage – Understanding The Foreign Threat
Terrorism – How Militant Groups Train, Plan, Prepare & Attack 
Evidence vs. Intelligence- Exploitation Operations
Intel-Led Policing
Intel-Led Criminal Analysis
Collection Methods & Techniques
Counterintelligence For Police Operations

Officer Safety

Anticipating the Threat
Environmental Awareness
Exit Strategy
Predatory patterns of Behavior
Understanding the Psychology of a Predator
Collection Methods & Techniques
Counterintelligence For Police Operations
Please contact TRG via our Contact Page or call 214-341-2683 for scheduling information. Regarding a TRG training team coming to individual departments outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth, please reach out to us and ask to speak with a training coordinator who can help facilitate a session for your specific needs.

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