Fun, Entertaining & Safe Team Building Courses. Learn basic Self Defense, Krav Maga, Weapons Safety & Handling – Even take it up a notch with optional Force on Force exercises!

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These events are coached by our team of former special operations and military veterans with real combat experience, including Navy SEALs, Army Snipers & Rangers, former US Intelligence, and more. They incorporate a variety of tactical, situational, and hand-to-hand training stations designed to give your group a powerful, fun, and technical experience in a safe and controlled environment, leaving you with vital skills and great memories.

EnterTRAINments include

Hand-to-Hand Combat Training: Using Israeli Krav Maga techniques. Get an introduction to techniques to defend against knife and weapon attacks. Have fun while learning to protect yourself and your family!
360° Indoor Range: Standing in one spot and shooting a stationary target won’t prepare you for defending your home or office space. Our use of non-lethal Simunition® ammo allows us to give you the most realistic training possible in our 360° shooting range where you will learn to acquire targ
Indoor Shoot House: Use the same style shoot house you’ve seen used by Special Operators and S.W.A.T. teams. Learn how to clear your own home as you make your way through our course using the same Semi-Automatic rifles used by professionals and non-lethal Simunition® ammo. 

If requested, finish your event by putting everything you’ve learned into practice with our heart pumping force on force scenario against our role players. If you like, you can even dawn our protective gear and train against each other!

Lunch / Dinner, Merchandise and other perks are available for your event upon request.

Tim S. Team Building

“Such an enjoyable experience! Our team of five came in a bit hesitant about the experience and were greeted warmly and quickly felt as close to current and ex-military elite as possible. The day started with More talking and direct training, and morphed into a training experiment in the simulation office/home. My team was challenged mentally, physically and brought our team closer. Thank you for running with excellence.”

Megan S. #BootsOn

“I just wanted to say that we had the VERY best time out at TRG this weekend! Thank you for hosting the Boot Campaign crew and making sure we were all prepared to protect ourselves and our families. You all are doing something super special and we are honored to have seen it first hand! Thank you for your continued service Trident Response Group, LLC family! #BootsOn”

Bill C. Personal Protection

“We had a wonderful trip and were so impressed with the two guys you sent.
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the two men and how nice and professional they were.”

M. LuttrellBoots On

“The trainers at TRG were very professional and provided a very safe and engaging course of instruction to the boot campaigns board of directors and staff. Our team enjoyed the 360 range and multiple rounds through the TRG shot house. ”

Colleen C.TRG Ready Department

“Excellent training in a military team based atmosphere”


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