Trident Response Group is an Intelligence-based consulting firm specializing in risk mitigation, threat solutions, and readiness training. We are comprised of private sector business leaders, attorneys, and veterans of Military Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement and the US Intelligence Community. We provide a full spectrum of corporate and private services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are a Dallas-based firm with global reach.


Our Mission

Trident Response Group exists to provide our skill and experience to leaders in the corporate, private and government arenas in a way that is applicable in an ever-changing world.

“Such an enjoyable experience! Our team of five came in a bit hesitant about the experience and were greeted warmly and quickly felt as close to current and ex-military elite as possible. The day started with More talking and direct training, and morphed into a training experiment in the simulation office/home. My team was challenged mentally, physically and brought our team closer. Things ramped up before lunch and we had the best service from Courtnay catering us an amazing meal. My team enjoyed the morning sessions so much that we extended into an afternoon which sounds like it hadn’t been done commonly. Your team and facility exceeded my expectations and have and will continue to recommend to other business owners and friends. Thank you for running with excellence.”

Tim S. Team Building

“I just wanted to say that we had the VERY best time out at TRG this weekend! Thank you for hosting the Boot Campaign crew and making sure we were all prepared to protect ourselves and our families. You all are doing something super special and we are honored to have seen it first hand! Thank you for your continued service Trident Response Group, LLC family! #BootsOn”

Megan S. #BootsOn

“We had a wonderful trip and were so impressed with the two guys you sent.
I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the two men and how nice and professional they were.”

Bill C. Personal Protection

“The trainers at TRG were very professional and provided a very safe and engaging course of instruction to the boot campaigns board of directors and staff. Our team enjoyed the 360 range and multiple rounds through the TRG shot house. ”

M. LuttrellBoots On

“Excellent training in a military team based atmosphere”

Colleen C.TRG Ready Department

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